Sneha Kapoor Leaves 'Dil Dosti Dance'.

A Bad News for sneha kapoor's fan that Our cute and bubbly Sharon(Sneha Kapoor) of Channel V's daily soap 'Dil Dostii Dance' is quit the show.

Let's See what she has to say..

"It is just that I always had my inhibition in terms of clothes and intimate scenes. I was trying my best to get out of the mental block but it was almost more than a year and I was still not comfortable. This problem was there since day one itself but everyone around me encouraged me that I would get over it. Palki Ma'am helped me a lot but I still could not feel happy about it. So it was a matter that got stretched over a long time."

She further said, "I realized that I was not being able to do justice to Swaron's love story. I did not want to disappoint my fans by not giving them what they want to see or expect out of me. So I thought that it is high time to take a step and go backwards and let someone better step in."

She added, "I want to apologise to all my fans and want them to know that I love them and that one of the reasons that I quit was that I didn't want to take the Swaron passion away from them. I urge to them all to watch the show if they really love Swaron. The show is going to do really great henceforth too."

Lastly quoted, "I love the D3 family and Palki Ma'am for being so supportive always." 

Well this concludes that Sneha Kapoor has taken a professional decision. Good wishes with her that she achieves great success in her life.

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